The Most Exciting Month Of Her Life

Dated: July 5 2016

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Megan Steeple Prelim                                                                                                                           Photo Credit: Sally Bergesen - Oiselle

I was so nervous I was shaking. The pressure increasing on the backs of my eyes as I tried to maintain my composure and not cry. The anxiety was mounting, I was so excited for her and scared to the bone the entire time… and I was only watching from the couch.

Our client, Megan Rolland is having a monumental month. Closing on her first home and accomplishing something most of us only dream about. She is racing at the Olympic Trials in hopes of becoming a member of the3,000 meter steeplechase team to represent U.S.A. at the Olympic Games in Rio! What is the steeplechase? One of the most grueling races in track and field. It combines the speed of a middle distance runner but also years of aerobic training while jumping over barriers and through water. It requires true grit, humility, confidence and patience. Much like buying a house.

Where the irony lies is that in the midst of her Olympic journey, she and her partner Stephanie also started the race to purchase their first home. As a friend, teammate and Realtor, I was lucky enough to be able to assist them in their journey. Much like the emotional undertaking of such a grueling race, they set out on a quest to find THE ONE. They found one! They made an offer, they didn’t get it. The looming question was, “will we ever get that feeling again?” Looking back on this now, I wish I would have made the connection, once you have THAT ONE race, is it over? They pressed on in their search. We had reached the middle of the race, when one starts to second guess their decision to be in it, when doubt surfaces and you have to muster the desire to not give in to defeat. They prevailed! They found the REAL ONE and they are now in the bell lap and closing later this month!

All of this is happening in the midst of one of the biggest event of their lives. Megan has now qualified for the final in the steeplechase and is so close to making that Olympic dream a reality. Megan truly epitomizes the traits of this race having true grit, humility, confidence and patience. Megan is one of the kindest humans with the most infectious happy personality. I am proud to call you my team mate, friend and client. You are more loved, admired and inspiring than you will probably ever know!

Myself, and the rest of team Tri-Peak with you the best of luck this week! Go get ‘em!

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