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Dated: November 7 2018

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I know its been a little bit since I made a post but life has a way of getting busy. This week's restaurant of the week is Sushiya on Overland and Maple Grove. If you are looking some amazing sushi made right in front of you then I strongly recommend, because lets be honest, who doesn't like sushi. After getting our vote on yesterday, my wife and I decided to load up with the all-you-can-eat option. Image title

Waiting in suspense for our sushi to arrive

Image title

First round of sushi ( from left to right: Playboy roll, Chrystal Shrimp roll, Yellowfin Nigeri, and Tornado roll)

Image title

Second round of sushi 

If that sounds ridiculous it is, but we were hungry and they do have a disclaimer stating they will charge you if you excessively waste food. And who is going to waste sushi? We ordered about 8 rolls between the two of us and it was delicious. I could have had more but I may not have been able to walk out to our car. 

Image title

There was a third round, but it was so delicious I forgot to take a picture, and this is the aftermath

All in all in was some delicious sushi, and at a pretty reasonable sushi, considering it was all you can eat. They also have other items that are not sushi if you are wanting something a little different. I hope you all give them a chance!

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