5 Things To Know Before You Buy A House

Dated: November 7 2018

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So you want to buy a house! That’s awesome and way to go for you. Here are 5 things that you should consider that will help your home buying process out.

Number 1 - Location

It may not be something that you have considered before, but it is a pretty important aspect of home ownership. The Treasure Valley can be a little spread out, so I recommend that you look around and see where you are spending your time and what you want to be close to. That way you know where you would like to start your home search.

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Number 2 - Price.

Now nobody wants to break the bank when they purchase their home, but you still want something that is what you want. You will find all sorts of calculators out there online about how much you can afford, or how much the mortgage will be. However nothing beats having a mortgage professional work with you and let you know how much you can actually get and what you need to have prepared. If you don’t know who to ask for a mortgage professional, your REALTOR should have some recommendations.

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Number 3 - Home Improvement Store

Not as major as the first two, I recommend looking for where your nearest home improvement store is. You may not be a home builder or a DIY junkie but things will still come up that you need to fix. Toilets have a tendency of getting clogged, doors can be squeeky or stuck, and there may be a need to clean the carpets.. A lot of the big box home improvement stores even have classes on general home projects if you are looking to learn more. They are also great for when you need to work on your yard and get it ready for either spring or fall. All of the home improvement stores that I have gone into have been very friendly with helping me out if I didn’t know how to do something.

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Number 4 - What do you want in your home.

You most likely have lived in your own space before. Even if you just moved out of your parents house, you still know how big their space was and how much you needed. I recommend doing this process early on as you can narrow down the homes that you see, so that you see what you want. Just taking a moment with a piece of paper and writing down the things that you need in a home including the number of bedrooms and size. One thing to consider is the yard work that goes along with a large property.

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Number 5 - Saved Money

This is a little different then the price but still goes together with it. You are going to be making a large purchase, and while yes you will not need to have all of the money in savings, you will still need some money on hand. The biggest thing to remember is that your offer will need to have earnest money ready to go when you submit your offer. You will also want to have some money on hand for your moving truck or for paying your friends to do it for you. The other thing is that you may or may not need new furniture and appliances when you move in. Just something to consider and plan for so that you don’t have as many unexpected surprises.

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I hope that some of these help you, and just remember the end goal as you go through this sometimes stressful experience. You are one stop away from getting your dream home and enjoying all of the perks of being a home owner.

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