12 Steps To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Dated: August 12 2016

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Below are 12 steps that will have you prepared to put your home on the market. 

1.Lights Lights Lights

While many believe that you want to make the home as bright as possible, that can sometimes be a detriment. Home shoppers want to feel warm and cozy like they would in their own home. Swap out your bright white light bulbs for a soft and flattering wattage, that will still offer a welcoming feel and hides any tiny imperfections. Opt for bulbs that emit yellow-toned and red-toned hues. Avoid those LED’s. While you might like it bright, there are many that don’t.

2.Wash your windows

Have your windows professionally washed, or devote an afternoon to washing them yourself from both inside and out. A dirty window may leave a buyer wondering home much you really take care of your home. Leave no doubt, let them see the view from every room

3.Pay attention to detail

Think of how you would shop for a home. You will look for any and all small defects. Again, nobody wants a house that looks like it has been neglected. Small details can make your home look dumpy without you even realizing it. Freshen up rooms with new light switch plates and outlet covers if yours are dirty and dingy. Polish all of the doorknobs and fixtures. Wipe down your walls and baseboards to remove markings or dirt.

4.Does your door say “Welcome Home”????

Sure your home may look great in pictures and people may be calling day one to see it, but what is the first thing every buyer will see? A sun faded front door? A dingy doormat you got as a house warming gift when you bought the house? Cobwebs that make it seem as though you’re decorating for Halloween early? Whatever the case may be, invest in a new doormat and take the time to scrub down your front door, maybe even repaint it. Most importantly wash the entry way and make it look bright and new.

5.Don’t forget the side

Sure that side of the house is used for storage, or maybe you think it’s a great hiding spot for all the stuff your Realtor suggested you clean out of the yard or garage, but do you really think a potential buyer is not going to take a look?  At the very least keep it organized and have space for people to walk down the side of the house.

6. Stage your own furniture

Empty rooms show poorly. Maybe you never use that empty room that is full of your random goodies. Well buyers want to see how they might live in the house.  “Stage” a spare bedroom with an air mattress and bed frame. Create a living room arrangement by throwing matching slipcovers over clashing chairs and sofas. Take your personal photos down and put up something generic. The dollar store is great for this.

7.Brighten up trim

There is no need to paint the whole interior of the house. Sure if you have lived there 20 years and never updated the paint, now might be the time, but a quick touch up in most cases should suffice. Instead of painting the whole house, just paint the trim. Brighten up those edges and you may be surprised how much it makes those walls pop again! Remember though, this only works if those walls are clean and not stained.

8.The smell test

The first thing that humans pick up on when they are in a new environment is scent. It is crucial that this scent they smell when they walk in the door is not your animals or the smell of last night’s dinner. There are plenty of tricks you can use to give it that ‘Home’ feel, i.e. fresh batch of cookies, scented candle, incents etc.  But what if you aren’t going to be able to run home and cook those delicious cookies before the showing? Instead of making more work for yourself go out and grab you some glade plug ins. Place them throughout the house so they are evenly spaced and put them on the lowest setting. Don’t pick those overwhelming scents. Go with the simple and less dramatic. Remember you are looking for welcoming.

9.Fake a closet organization system

The worst thing you can have in that gigantic walk-in closet is an unorganized mess. Again, this just leaves the impression that you don’t care about the details and the buyer wonders what other details you ignore in the house.  Make your storage look custom with DIY shelves, hangers, and bins. Organize clothes by type and color for added impact. This makes it very welcoming no matter how many pairs of shoes you have!

10.Luxury Laundry

I can’t tell you how many houses I have gone into and the laundry room is just flat out gross. Full of dirty laundry thrown on the ground or laying in a stinky pile.  It’s a huge turn off, and again shows a lack of care for the home. Whether it’s a separate room or a corner of your basement, make your laundry area look welcoming by adding a folding surface, bins, and baskets for storage, and a designer element like a fun rug or temporary wallpaper.

11.But what about the garage?!?!

The first thing many Realtors will tell their sellers is to de-clutter the house, and remove items that will decrease living space. Make that home feel welcoming, but open. Show off your space. Well, where do most sellers send all that extra ‘stuff’? To the garage of course! NO! NO! NO! What about those shoppers that are looking for a garage with lots of space? Believe it or not that big concrete floored room was designed for…………PARKING CARS!  If you stuff the garage it will make it seem small and extremely unorganized. Instead, rent a storage unit and store it there until you find your new home.


Buyers are going to look EVERYWHERE! They will look in the fridge, the medicine cabinets, the drawer you always throw junk in, under the sinks etc. Be prepared, you can have a catch all cabinet in your house when you’re trying to sell it.  This also means it’s a good idea not to leave valuables laying around. You are going to have strangers examining every inch of your home, be smart with where you leave your valuables.

For more insights or tips shoot me an email or give me a call! I'm always available to help. 



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